Our Philosophy

Our philosophy begins and ends with you. When you walk in the door of Birdsall & Co. you’ll meet one of our experienced, passionate team members who will take the time to really understand your desires and dreams so they can help you find the absolute right products or design to create an inspiring outdoor or indoor space. We believe in the biophilia concept that we all have the instinct to connect with nature, and in the Colorado aesthetic of simple, elegant design. For over 33 years Birdsall & Co. has been known for our massive collection of containers in all colors, sizes, and unique shapes along with a variety of outdoor fountains, birdbaths, statuary, and indoor plants. Birdsall & Co. is locally owned and operated by a mother/daughter team that loves educating and inspiring their customers. Annie, who is French, has more than 30 years of experience in landscape design combined with technical expertise. Together with daughter Morgan, they work hard to curate collections of only the highest quality, with the least environmental impact, and the ability to enhance your connection to nature. You’ll feel our customer-centered philosophy in our relaxed store atmosphere where you can take your time, dream, plan, and turn your vision into reality.