Indulge the Senses

Fountains give your landscape or patio an extra level of interest and we have an amazing collection of fountains in all styles, designs, materials, and finishes. Add a captivating touch to your garden with a beautiful fountain from Birdsall & Co.

Welcome to Birdsall & Co.

Welcome to a very inspiring place. Where you’ll find people with a passion to help you define a vision for your outdoor and indoor space, and the expertise to make that vision a reality. 

We have an incredible supply of outdoor containers, fountains, birdbaths, and statuary. You'll also find a variety of indoor plants, indoor containers, biophilic gifts, and more.

With all we have to choose from, you’ll be inspired to transform your space in ways that will bring you closer to nature and provide pleasure for years to come.

Ash Pot
from $ 30.00
Aveline Pot
from $ 135.00
Baden Pot
from $ 40.00
Beam Pot
$ 40.00
Bosky Pot
from $ 135.00
Aspire Birdbath Small by Campania International
$ 330.00
Aspire Large Birdbath by Campania International
$ 580.00
Aspire Medium Birdbath by Campania International
$ 520.00
Small, square birdbath pictured in front of green shrub
Avery Birdbath by Campania International
$ 190.00
Black birdbath with snow in background.
Balustrade Birdbath by Campania International
$ 350.00

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