Outdoor Armchairs & Ottomans

19 products

    19 products
    Back deck with contemporary teak chairs and lounge chair
    Amaze Lounge Chair
    $ 2,285.00
    Two black contemporary armchairs with footstool in front of ocean
    Breeze Footstool
    $ 390.00
    Breeze Highback Chair
    $ 2,280.00
    Contemporary black woven outdoor chair with white cushions
    Breeze Lounge Chair
    $ 1,350.00
    Woven outdoor coffee table and footstool with glass top and three wooden bowls
    Chester Footstool/Coffee Table
    from $ 800.00
    Outdoor deep sitting set in light gray with matching cushions under an umbrella
    Conic Lounge Chair
    $ 3,320.00
    Contemporary black rocking chair on white terrace surrounded by potted plants and coffee tables
    Copenhagen Rocking Chair
    $ 1,450.00
    Outdoor woven armchair on gray wooden wide steps next to a lantern
    Curve Lounge Chair
    $ 1,275.00
    Beige woven footstool with matching cushion on white background
    Diamond Footstool
    $ 1,815.00
    Set of two highback chairs with matching cushions with rose coffee table and large brown container
    Diamond Highback Chair
    $ 3,910.00
    Matching set of two couches and one armchair on white patio next to lawn
    Diamond Lounge Chair
    $ 3,150.00
    Blue green footstool behind a coffee table with a magazine and drinking glass in front of lavender
    Divine Footstool
    $ 725.00
    Woman sitting on one of two highback woven black chairs next to a pool
    Edge Highback Chair
    $ 1,900.00
    Set of four black armchairs with a matching footstool next to the ocean
    Kingston Footstool
    $ 1,390.00
    Two light gray woven armchairs with gray cushions on a white terrace by the water
    Kingston Sunchair
    $ 3,000.00
    Gray woven outdoor armchair with matching cushions and a green throw pillow
    Moments Lounge Chair
    $ 3,295.00
    Armchair shown next to lantern and potted plant in front of gray wall
    Nest Round Chair
    $ 1,655.00
    Rocking chair shown on an urban terrace with city in the background
    Parc Rocking Chair
    $ 1,395.00
    Two armchairs  on white patio next to a potted plant and black lanterns
    Peacock Lounge Chair
    from $ 3,330.00
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