So You're Designing a Rooftop Garden...

Pictures of rooftop gardens conjure visions of serenity and seclusion amidst a vibrant city life.

Weight and installation logistics are often a practical consideration and there are ways to go around that problem. Using lightweight GFRC offers options in a multitude of designs.

The Long Beach Fountain weighs only 290 lbs without the water and the sound will drown out all the traffic noises. Personalize it by choosing between 14 different finishes to fit the surrounding color scheme. It can also be softened by adding aquatic plants and transformed into a water garden.

One fountain is never enough and there’s a more subtle option if the noise coverage is not an issue. Oftentimes the mere appearance of water is enough to evoke the feeling of being close to nature and to refresh the environment.
Another added benefit is the attraction to birds who may come and take a quick bath right outside the window. The Large Cylinder Fountain weighs only 100 lbs but has a big personality.

What is a rooftop garden without plantings? GFRC planters provide screening and can handle large plants needed for height. Square or rectangular, the shapes accommodate the space and make a great display when mixed and matched.
The Metropolis Cubes and Metropolis Rectangles are a no brainer for large containers.

Worried about staining the terrace? No worries. Saucers are now available for rectangular planters and are an integral part of the design.

Texture softens the sometimes harsh lines of the urban architecture. While the accent may be on the plantings, the cold season leaves the containers to make a statement on their own. The Glenmoore collection offers interest with neutral colors in different softer and rounder shapes.

Not all rooftop gardens are contemporary in style. There’s still the city dweller with a taste for the classic garden with more detailed and adorned pieces. Old country style will never go out of style! Consider all-time favorite, the Portofino Fountain. Just the name itself makes you dream… and only 317 lbs.

Large scale, light weight. What’s not to like?