Zinc Statuary

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    Our zinc statuary is handmade in Hungary and are among the finest metal statuary available on the market. 

    • The fire-galvanized steel statuary are dipped in a hot zinc bath to give the statuary its color and to prevent rust.
    • A beautiful antique blue-grey patina develops over time and exposure to the elements.
    • Combine old world elegance with modern details for a timeless look.

    Read more about care and maintenance. Handmade in the USA.

    3 products
    Astrolabe on a square column in front of flowering tree
    Zinc Astrolabe with Column by Campania International
    $ 2,860.00
    Nest sphere on top of square column
    Zinc Nest with Column by Campania International
    $ 2,420.00
    Three floating spheres on top of a square pedestal pictured in front of blooming trees
    Zinc Floating Spheres with Column by Campania International
    $ 3,850.00
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