Religious Statuary

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    Garden statuary calls out to you in a personal way. It can surprise, charm and delight.

    And whether you like modern or traditional, inspirational or whimsical, we have the largest selection you’ll find anywhere.

    All our cast stone statuary has a high limestone content that makes them astonishingly durable. And you have an amazing selection of colors to choose from. 

    Add real personality to your outdoor space with statuary that makes a statement.

    Statuary may be purchased at the store or special ordered at no additional cost.

    Handmade in the USA.

    Available in 14 different colors.

    Birdsall & Co. is proud to be the #1 independent retailer of Campania International, a top tier manufacturer respected around the world for their exquisite artisanship and their impeccable craftsmanship. We maintain an enormous in-store selection of their containers all year round.  No other store comes close to our inventory.  Our special relationship with Campania International also allows us to easily accommodate special orders and get expedited shipping.

    19 products
    Gray Celtic cross on top of wall
    Celtic Cross by Campania International
    $ 250.00
    Close up of praying angel with wings
    Angel of Hope by Campania International
    $ 200.00
    Standing praying angel on top of small plinth
    Autumn Angel by Campania International
    $ 350.00
    Padro Pio close up in front of snow background
    Padre Pio by Campania International
    $ 330.00
    Two madonnas, one large and one small, standing on gravel
    Madonna Medium by Campania International
    $ 300.00
    Sitting cherub with crossed legs and spread wings
    Sitting Cherub Small by Campania International
    $ 120.00
    Close up of Saint Francis holding a bird
    Contemporary St Francis by Campania International
    $ 800.00
    Close up of Saint Francis with flower details on tunic
    St. Fiacre by Campania International
    $ 340.00
    Close up of praying angel with spread wings
    Fiona's Angel by Campania International
    $ 285.00
    Close up of top of praying madonna
    Large Classic Madonna by Campania International
    $ 1,300.00
    Two Madonnas standing together, one tall and one short with their hands  open
    Madonna Small by Campania International
    $ 130.00
    Cherub sitting on a stone wall with hands on sides
    Sitting Cherub Medium by Campania International
    $ 160.00
    Kneeling praying angel with large wings
    Angel's Prayer by Campania International
    $ 150.00
    Close up of Madonna with child
    Standing Madonna with Child by Campania International
    $ 340.00
    Small Saint Fiacre holding a shovel
    St. Fiacre 14" by Campania International
    $ 115.00
    Close up of praying angel in front of greenery and blooms
    Praying Angel by Campania International
    $ 320.00
    Praying Madonna on small square plinth
    Madonna 14" by Campania International
    $ 100.00
    Small angel sitting with head on knees and folded wings
    Evangeline by Campania International
    $ 170.00
    Standing Madonna on a rounded plinth
    Classic Madonna by Campania International
    $ 850.00
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