Outdoor Dining

47 products

    47 products
    Stacked gray armchairs in front of greenery
    Avanti Armchair
    $ 670.00
    Rectangular wooden table with twelve chairs on brick patio
    Avanti Extending Dining Table
    $ 4,250.00
    Rectangular wooden table with six gray armchairs on brick patio
    Avanti Rectangular Dining Table
    $ 1,830.00
    Square wooden table with four black armchairs on brick patio
    Avanti Square Dining Table
    $ 1,420.00
    Woven armchair shown on gray patio with greenery in the background
    Bella Dining Armchair
    $ 960.00
    Round teak table with four woven chairs shown in front of hosta
    Bella Dining Chair
    $ 690.00
    Square teak table with four teak armchairs shown on wood mulch patio
    Braxton Armchair
    $ 695.00
    Teak dining set with round table and four chairs on a paver patio
    Braxton Chair
    $ 635.00
    Rectangular teak table with two benches next to lawn
    Brunswick Rectangular Dining Table
    $ 1,950.00
    Square teak table with four armchairs shown on mulch patio
    Brunswick Square Dining Table
    $ 1,400.00
    Round teak table with four white armchairs shown on brick pavers patio
    Cambridge Folding Dining Table
    from $ 850.00
    Oval teak table with six teak chairs shown on brick patio
    Camden Oval Dining Table
    $ 2,295.00
    Oval teak table with eight chairs shown on a stone terrace
    Chelsea Oval Extending Table
    from $ 4,200.00
    Rectangular teak table with twelve chairs shown on stone terrace
    Chelsea Rectangular Extending Table
    $ 4,500.00
    Round teak table with four white chairs shown by a pool
    Chelsea Round Extending Table
    $ 3,500.00
    Round teak dining table with four armchairs shown in front of stone wall
    Classic Teak Armchair
    $ 925.00
    Woman lifting armchair from stacked ones
    Edge Armchair
    $ 1,100.00
    Rectangular dining table with eight chairs and three people talking
    Endless Chair
    $ 2,000.00
    Dining set shown on terrace with two people in the background
    Endless Circular Dining Table
    $ 6,375.00
    Rectangular dining table with ten chairs and three people in the background
    Endless Rectangular Dining Table
    $ 8,345.00
    Black trolley with food and plants against wall
    Frame Trolley
    $ 1,500.00
    Black corner couch with matching rectangular table and two dining chairs on gray floor
    Joy Dining Table
    $ 4,450.00
    Dining set with black round table and six matching chairs shown with grasses in the foreground
    Joy Round Dining Table
    $ 4,855.00
    White table and three gray armchairs sitting in front of an ocean view
    Lean Chair
    from $ 430.00
    Dining set with a rectangular table and matching chairs on light grey patio
    Less Chair
    from $ 695.00
    Rectangular bar table with four bar chairs with garden in the background
    Moments Bar Chair
    $ 840.00
    Woman sitting at dining table with lanterns in the background
    Moments Dining Chair
    $ 795.00
    Rectangular teak  table with ten chairs in front of greenery
    Newport Rectangular Table
    from $ 2,800.00
    Square teak table with four chairs shown on paver patio
    Newport Square Table
    from $ 2,000.00
    Teak dining set with four chairs shown on reddish patio
    Oxford Round Dining Table
    from $ 1,350.00
    Black dining set in front of outdoor kitchen next to a green hedge
    Peacock Dining Chair
    $ 1,455.00
    Rectangular grey table with ten chairs in front of white wall and grey deck
    Pure Large Dining Table
    $ 5,515.00
    Dining set in front of body of water with boats
    Pure Medium Dining Table
    from $ 4,270.00
    Woman standing next to a square table and two chairs on white patio
    Pure Small Dining Table
    $ 3,100.00
    Rectangular teak table with marching armchairs in front of a green hedge
    Sedona Armchair
    $ 770.00
    Rectangular teak table with six matching chairs by the pool
    Sedona Chair
    $ 720.00
    Weathered teak rectangular table with eight armchairs on stone terrace
    Shelburne Rectangular Table
    from $ 3,285.00
    Weathered teak round table with four armchairs  on paver patio
    Shelburne Round Table
    $ 2,695.00
    Square weathered teak table with four armchairs on stone patio
    Shelburne Square Table
    $ 2,590.00
    Teak and metal dining set with yellow daylilies in the foreground
    SoHo Armchair
    $ 550.00
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