Winter Container Decor

Outdoor containers should never be empty! There are many different design options, no matter the style or size of the pots.

Fresh mixed greens come in 20 to 50 lbs boxes, already pre-cut to the perfect sizes. Design the containers as you would with annuals in terms of heights, fillers and trailers. If the containers you are installing do not have existing soil, florist foam is an excellent option to replace it. The cleanup will be that much easier and less messy.

Once the basic greens are installed, the personality and panache of the containers will come from the added decorations. The following is a list of potential additions to the winter containers that hopefully will inspire you:

  • Red twig dogwood, either natural or sprayed an even deeper red
  • Yellow twig dogwood, which is usually colorful enough on its own
  • Willow branches either natural or spray painted a dark red, forest green or white (depending on the background of the container's location)
  • Birch poles – they come in different lengths and the shorter ones are set on picks to insert into the soil
  • Bamboo poles, either natural or spray painted
  • Baubles on stems for the holiday season
  • Sugar pine cones on stems
  • Faux winterberries on picks, UV protected for outdoor use and longevity
  • Faux boxwood spheres, UV protected. These spheres can be wrapped in mini lights for the holidays
  • Metal spheres nestled in fresh greens and wrapped in mini lights

When sprayed with anti-desiccant, these fresh greens will last all season until it is time to change them out for an early spring display of colorful pansies.