Outdoor Fountain Winterization

Cast stone fountains run the risk of developing cracks if exposed to the freeze-thaw winter weather without the necessary and easy steps to protect them. Just before the first freeze of the season, take a few precautions to preserve fountains in top shape for the following spring.

Drain the fountain of all water, by either pulling the drain plug, using a wet vac or directing the fountain hose outside of the basin while the pump is going.

Remove and clean the pump to remove debris, dirt or algae with a soft bristled brush and a mixture of mild dish soap and water. Use the same method to scrub the basin. Store the pump, preferably in a bucket of water, in a non-freezing room.

Use a fountain cover that should protect all the areas that can accumulate water or snow, like the basins. The pedestal of a tiered fountain does not need to be covered. Do not use a plastic tarp over the fountain. Instead, choose a UV stabilized, breathable material, which is usually the fabric used for fountain covers.

Now your fountain is ready for the winter and all you will have to do in the spring is install the pump and fill it up!