Classic for a Reason: French Country

"French country" is not synonym for Provence; it is instead what you would fall upon around the bend of a country road, in a small village whose charm you cannot really describe. It is a feeling of belonging, wanting to spend time wandering and taking in the atmosphere, the views, the history, the open air
markets, the quiet rivers, and the omnipresent castles.

If I had to pick a fountain representing all these feelings, it would be the St. Aubin. Imagine bottles of white wine cooling at the bottom!

Short of wall space? The next best is the Provence Fountain with the trickling sound of a natural spring. You could stumble upon it in a small courtyard, in the shade of a catalpa.

The favorite annual flower of the French homes has to be the geranium. Any
receptacle is acceptable to plant, from an old shoe to a hollow trunk of a dead tree but the urn is always a classic container. The Pascal urns are both simple and classy in any environment, just give them time to develop a patina.

Get to the wine country and barrels are endemic. 

Or a basket becomes an herb garden:

And of course, the frog!