Plant Rehab Day

Plant Rehab Day

Plant Rehab Day

April 20, 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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It's our second Plant Rehab Day! Do any of these sound like you?

  • Terrified of transplanting your plants
  • Not super sure if your plants are root-bound (or what that means?), or why some of the leaves are yellowing/browning/falling off
  • Wanting to get your plants into larger pots, or consolidate several plants into one pot
  • Needing advice about general care, pest control, trimming back or putting it on a pole, pruning to get a certain look..

Bring your plants in on Plant Rehab Day, and we will help you with all of the advice, technical know-how, and replanting services you need! Your $10 ticket goes towards repotting fees! Here's how we'll price additional containers:

4" pots - $2 potting fee
6" pots - $4 potting fee
8" pots - $6 potting fee
10" pots - $8 potting fee
Larger pots? We can give you a quote!

We learned some lessons from our first Plant Rehab Day, so we now have time slots! We can take walk-ins only if we have availability. If you have tons of plants or a particularly tricky situation (looking at you, leggy monsteras needing a haircut and a pole), we may have you come back for it.

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